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Iris is available for private, group, and corporate yoga as well as special events upon request.

Please fill out the contact form for more information. 

Class Descriptions

Aerial Yoga

Using a suspended fabric in the shape of a hammock, aerial vinyasa combines the flow of a yoga class with aerial acrobatics. This class both strengthens and restores muscles and is open to all levels.


A physical practice that merges breath with syncronized movement. This class involves a continuous flow with a focus on alignment and both physical and mental awareness.

55+ Aerial Yoga

This class is designed to familiarize students with the building blocks of an Aerial Yoga practice and resembles an Aerial Yoga Level 1 class. In addition, this class addresses issues related to natural aging. We'll work on increasing range of motion in the shoulders, back, hips and legs while developing body awareness and comfort in transitions as well as supported inversions. In class, students will train their balance, functional mobility and strength through a combination yoga postures and modified circus conditioning exercises with the assistance of props including the aerial hammock, chairs, blocks, and blankets. This class is specifically intended for mature adults, but students recovering from injury and those looking for a mindful Aerial Yoga class are welcome to attend.

Note: This is not a gentle yoga class. Students should be able to stand unassisted and if you have a medical condition or are taking medication, please consult your medical practitioner before attending this class.



Yogamaya NYC

125 W 20th St, 6th Floor

New York, NY 10011

Om Factory NYC

Fashion District                              Union Square

265 W 37th St, 17th Floor              873 Broadway, 2nd floor

New York, NY 10018                      New York, NY 10003



Weekly Classes

Contact Iris for teaching schedule and questions

If interested in the most current subbing schedule please email Iris to join her mailing list.




4-Week Beginner Series



      Beginning a yoga practice can be intimidating and overwhelming. Knowing this, we are offering a 4-Week Beginner Series! This workshop is a safe, nurturing and inspiring introductory series for individuals with little to no prior experience in yoga. This workshop is also for the more advance practitioner who wants deepen their understanding of the basics. In this series, you will learn how to take a yoga class, the proper alignment of basic yoga postures, gain an understanding of what yoga is, and be ready to take open classes with confidence! We will be focused in the physical practice but will touch upon other aspects of yoga such as meditation and pranayama as well. Pre-registration is required.




Improvisation and Imagery




           Are you satisfied with your daily practice? Do you want to develop an internal awareness to complement instructor’s guidance within your own flow? Using improvisational techniques and mental imagery, this workshop encourages you to investigate movement. We will move from isolated movement exploration through to a fully embodied yoga flow. Come explore new paths and enjoy the freedom that can be gained when listening to the natural movement of your body!

           In this class we dive into the core elements of dance, human interaction (both physical and emotional) and provide space for experimentation. We will look at the multidisciplinary nature of movement through exercises inviting students to multitask, organize, embody, and experience the present. We'll investigate movement through sensory experience, encouraging individuals to identify alternative possibilities and recognize that all choices, no matter how small, are equally significant.

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