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My teaching philosophy is grounded in individualized and interdisciplinary learning.
I am committed to debunking false narratives and providing access to resources for those who wouldn't otherwise end up in my treatment room. 



Medical Touch

Health Equality and Social Justice (Columbia University)

Intended to create an environment in which students grapple with the disproportionate healthcare barriers that underrepresented and underserved populations and communities face. Through a combination of dialogue-based seminars, guest lectures, and carefully selected resources, students engage in and expand their knowledge on various social justice topics. The course strengthens students’ ability to reflect critically on their experiences and inspire future advocacy for marginalized and underserved communities.

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Pelvic Health (Columbia University) - Teaching Assistant

Prepares the entry-level physical therapist on the unique approach in completing and evaluating screening and treatment plan for a patient with pelvic health issues. Provides the knowledge base for students interested in continuing their education and training in the field of pelvic health as well as basic preparation for the clinical specialization, Women's Heath Clinical Specialist (WCS). 



Diaphragmatic Breathing: What Does That Really Mean?

Belly breathing is often used interchangeably with diaphragmatic breathing; however, using your diaphragm to breathe is so much more than just making the belly expand like a balloon. In this workshop, you will explore didactically and practically about the nuances of diaphragmatic breathing.


Setting Boundaries: Consent Goes Both Ways

In healthcare and research, consent is often reserved for the patient. What does it look and feel like for providers to set boundaries with their patients? What are the ethical, legal, and logistical consequences when managing consent from both ends.

Lifting Barbell

Pelvic Floor for Powerlifters

Do you suffer from hemorrhoids and/or urinary incontinence from heavy lifting? Kegels are not always the answer. In this workshop, you will learn why heavy lifting often results in pelvic floor dysfunction and how to prevent, manage, and reduce symptoms without losing those gains.


Empathy and Intimacy: the Pelvic Floor Perspective

Holding space is hard and asking the right questions to promote self-reflection and growth is even harder. Learn to build a therapeutic alliance with your patients to promote buy-in and how you demonstrate care matters while having the patients best interests in mind matter.

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