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Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Iris trained in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, and Latin/Ballroom dance before moving to New York City to pursue Dance and Biology at Marymount Manhattan College. She has performed works by artists including Loni Landon, Barak Marshall, Ohad Naharin, Crystal Pite, and Kyle Georgina Marsh, and for her final year at Marymount Iris choreographed Havaiah for Dancers at Work. 

Iris also spent a year studying and performing for The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance at Hebrew University. While there, she performed at the Gertrude Krauss Choreography Competition in Jerusalem as well as with the school's Ensemble at The Susan Dalal Theatre in Tel Aviv. 

Iris has performed at The Playroom Theater for the International Human Rights Festival, coLAB Arts: MOTION in NJ, Your Move Modern Dance Festival, Dixon Place, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and The Harvard Arts First Festival. In October 2015, Iris co-choreographed and premiered, Jail Bait Paradise, with Kyle G. Marsh at Your Move: New Jersey’s Modern Dance Festival. In addition, Iris worked for Nicole Philippides in 277DanceProject, and has completed 500-hours of training as a yoga instructor.

Alongside her dance career, Iris has a master's in Neuroscience from Columbia University. Her research explores the relationship between emotion and motor learning and control. She collaborates with doctoral candidate at Harvard University and the Centre for Dance Research on research on dance and empathy and has co-led workshops at both Harvard and MIT. She expects to begin a doctoral program in Physical Therapy in the Fall of 2018.



Ilya Vidrin & Iris Platt 

Kyle G. Marsh

Kyle G. Marsh & Iris Platt

Kyle G. Marsh

Kyle G. Marsh

Kyle G. Marsh

Kyle G. Marsh

Loni Landon

Crystal Pite

Barak Marshall

Inbal Pinto

Jacopo Godani

Smadar Goshen

Pam Tanowitz



Verklarte Nacht 

Deconstructing Venus

Jail Bait

Arrow Dynamic Females III

Arrow Dynamic Females II

Arrow Dynamic Females

The Unbidden Occasion

Before the Break

Matter of the Maker



Light Years


The Wanderer Fantasy



The Museum of Fine Arts, MA

Dixon Place

DeBaun Performing Arts Center, NJ


Dixon Place, NYC

DeBaun Performing Arts Center, NJ

George Street Playhous, NJ

Theresa Lang Theater, NY

Suzanne Dellal Theater, IS

Suzanne Dellal Theater, IS

Suzanne Dellal Theater, IS

Suzanne Dellal Theater, IS

Suzanne Dellal Theater, IS

Theresa Lang Theatre, NY



          Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, Modern Concentration

          Biology Minor

          GPA 3.6

                  MODERN                            BALLET                            JAZZ

                  Nancy Lushington               Elena Comendador           Geoffrey Doig-Marx

                  Peter Kyle                           Jenny Chiang                    Jeff Shade

                  Alessandra Prosperi           Anthony Ferro                    Sheila Barker

                  Maxine Steinman                Lynn Glauber-Mandel                    

                  Kristina Berger

                  Lone Larson



          Student Exchange August 2011-12

          Jerusalem, Israel

                  MODERN                            BALLET                           IMPROV/REPERTOIRE

                  Moran Dekel                       Jay Augen                         Amir Kolban

                  Aya Israeli (Gaga)               Alexander Alexandrov      Melanie Berson

                                                              Maté Moray



          Susan Marshall & Company Workshop                                                             2015

          Movement Research: MELT Workshop                                                             2015

          Batsheva Dance Company Gaga Workshop                                                     2014

          Martha Graham Winter and Summer Intensive                                      2010 & 2011

          Vertigo Dance Company Workshop                                                       2011 & 2012

          Yasmeen Godder Summer Intensive                                                                 2012

          Batsheva Dance Company Gaga Workshop                                                     2012

          Israel Contact Improvisation Festival                                                                 2012



                                                       References Upon Request.

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