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My movement journey has taken me through a multitude of fields and practices, including professional dance, yoga, clinical research, and physical therapy. Through all of these identities, my passion for supporting human flourishing through movement has persisted.  My path to pelvic floor physical therapy has not been linear, but my devotion to lifelong learning is what keeps me curious and passionate about the power of movement.


10+ years ago, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy wasn’t something you could google, or was talked about on social media or in the magazines. It was taboo, and in some ways it still is. It is part of my mission to make pelvic health accessible through hands-on physical therapy, education, and public events. 

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My approach to pelvic health involves listening, investigating, planning, and executing. I encourage patients to exercise their autonomy by giving themselves permission to move and the tools to move pain-free.

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I believe everyone should know about their pelvic floor and how it plays an instrumental role in our daily lives and function. Knowledge is power and I hope to share my knowledge with anyone who will listen.

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